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Thursday 5 Jul 2012

Information: The Bright tradeshow has established itself to a constant venue for streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsport in Europe. Driving force and link between the different elements is skateboarding, whose influences shaped decisively the image and authentic character of the different segments.
Phone: +49 (0)69 / 669 621 58
Website: http://www.brighttradeshow.com
Info/Notes: jul - 6 jul
Map Link: Click here for map and directions.

Location: House 18

Website: http://
Email: -
Phone: -
Address: Normannenstrasse 13 - 19
City: Berlin
Zip: 10365
Country: Germany
Information: The building on Normannenstraße in Berlin was constructed in 1980 as part of a huge complex and was regarded as a prestige project and showpiece of the Ministry for State Security of the DDR. In wood-panelled conference rooms, numerous offices, a Hall of Mirrors, the cinema, not forgetting interception-proof rooms, training courses were held, foreign guests were welcomed and festivities took place. The storming of the bastion of the SED regime by patriotic citizens in January 1990 meant the end of the Secret Service and the DDR dictatorship – the images spread through the media like wildfire, making House 18 famous all over the world. Three floors each with an area of 4000 square metres are ready and waiting: DDR charm and luxury furnishings with 1980s Eastern bloc flair included! The units are variable, all spaces can be used individually and flexibly – so nothing stands in the way of maintaining the Frankfurt spirit!