Bal assails Bollywood-style fashion shows

Friday, 11 March 2011

One of the pioneers of Indian fashion, Rohit Bal is tired of the Indian fashion weeks’ reliance on everything Bollywood. He feels the myriad fashion weeks dotting India’s annual trade calendar have lost focus and turned themselves into Bollywood style events. He points out, with less focus on the essence of the event and a lack of international appeal, Indian fashion weeks are increasingly becoming Bollywood oriented. His question is: Why should Bollywood be in the forefront in a fashion week? Being a fashion-based show, the garments and accessories should be taking the limelight. In international shows, the stars are the outfits, the models and the drama created by the designer. Therefore, more buying takes place. But here shows are done keeping the B-town stars in mind. And this is not working out right for and there are very few buyers at these fashion weeks.

He feels that the younger designers are sometimes responsible for the chaos. They don’t try to find out their specialty and are not sure of their market. They imitate designs by ace designers, tweak them a little and get some celeb to walk for them. One would find thousands of cheaper copies of Sabyasachi’s outfits but that doesn’t affect him. Once in a while a star walking for a show is different, but making it a tradition is simply inept. Often a talented designer gets sidelined due to the absence of star-power, on the other hand, a not-so-talented designer makes headlines by getting a celeb to walk for him/her.