Chivas Studio launched in India

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Renowned fashion designers Rohit Bal and Manish Malhotra displayed their collections at the Chivas Fashion Show in Mumbai recently. The three-day event by Chivas Fashion Studio that fuses the finest in photography, sculpture, jewel craft, music, fashion and mixology was held to mark the launch of Chivas Studio in India. After New York, London, Madrid and Sydney, the Chivas Studio has finally been launched in India this week.
Designer Rohit Bal showcased his collection titled ?Yasas?, which in means glory in Sanskrit. The designer says the collection was inspired by India?s rich cultural heritage. To create this collection, he went back to the archives of ancient Indian costumes, textiles, colors and embroideries. Bal says he wanted to display India?s cultural heritage in the modern context.
Manish Malhotra?s collection was a variation of black, which was quite different from the traditional bridal wear designs and bright colors that he normally does. Malhotra said he wanted to break away from his usual bridal wear collection and the colors that is why he used a lot of black in his designs.

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