Sach a good move by Future Group

Thursday, 01 April 2010

After launching the Dreamline range under the concept and co-creation of Hema Malini, Future Group is aiming to boost its sales with the newly launched Sach brand, which will be co-created by cricket giant Sachin Tendulkar. Co-creation involves a well-known person who comes together with an organization in a relationship, which is much more than being a brand ambassador. The co-creator is closely involved in the development of the products, which invariably are products that are aligned to the persona of the co-creator. He is involved in practically all phases of product development as well as market strategy, pricing etc.


While Dreamline is a range of home making and home improvement products, Sach is in the apparel and personal care segment. The company launched a toothbrush range under the Sach label six months ago. The group aims to achieve at least 25 per cent of its in-store toothpaste sales from the private brand within six months. The Future Group seems to have hit on the concept of co-creating its private brands. Instead of an endorsement fee, the celebrity involved in brand co-creation will get a pie in the revenue of the product.

The Future Group has launched a series of private brands ranging from foods with Tasty Treat to home and personal care range with Cleanmate and Caremate, staples with Fresh & Pure and Premium Harvest.

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