Arvind leads with trade show and Excel Denim

Thursday, 14 April 2011
Arvind leads with trade show and Excel DenimWith production of 120 million meters denim per annum, Ahmedabad-based Arvind is one of the largest denim producers worldwide. It’s focusing on design innovation and sustainability as its growth engines. The company’s one-of-a-kind annual trade show, constant innovation in fabrics and mega monthly capacity of producing nine million meters of bottom wear denim and around seven million meters of top wear denim has helped it to deliver many firsts in the global market.

Arvind leads with trade show and Excel DenimThe company’s annual Arvind Trade Show this year highlighted the chemistry behind their denims with a “Work in Progress” as the theme of the show. Being complete, yet constantly growing is the motto followed, where traditional work wear will be reintroduced with a chic urban look. The 2011 Collection emerges as a celebration of the industrial look and a celebration of the royal worker with a range from dark navy to aqua merge with grey for a true heavy-duty look.

“This is a trade show and no other mill does such a show. The target audience is our customers. We have many customers but the garment conversion is unorganized in India. India has very few large garment manufacturers. This show is mainly for small segment brands operational in Mumbai. Every season, we launch three ranges, for the European, US and Indian markets. We show these to the bigger brands one-to-one. But since we can’t reach out to everyone we organize this show. We do this once a year in Mumbai during the festive season which is the big season in India,” says Navin Vaswani, Head-Marketing and Export Commercial, Arvind Limited.

As a part of its brand expansion plans, Arvind and Birla Cellulose –a intrinsic segment of the Aditya Birla Group's umbrella brand known for its range of cellulosic fibers - have come together in a strategic alliance to exclusively produce ‘Excel Denims’ which is all set to revolutionize the denim market, both in India and internationally. While Birla Cellulose focused its efforts on R&D to create the unique Excel fiber made of super refined wood pulp, Arvind with its expertise in denim, has mastered the craft of weaving it into a lustrous fabric with exceptional qualities like superior strength, luster, bounce, softness and comfort which will focus primarily on the women’s wear market.

“We have partnered with Birla Cellulose to come out with Excel, a fiber that’s ideal for denim. We are already selling it in international markets and are launching in India soon. The Excel fiber we are launching is a third generation cellulosic fiber. Viscose is the first generation, modal is the second generation and this is the third generation. Excel is a closed loop manufacturing process. It doesn’t waste water and has no discharge. So it’s a high fashion and sustainable fiber,” add Vaswani.

With an aim of further increasing its manufacturing facilities, Arvind is now investing in a new plant in Bangladesh, which will start commercial production from November 2011. With an initial capacity of 10 million meters per annum, it will to be increased to 30 million meters within two years. With the denim market growing in leaps and bounds, the company plans to close this year at a Rs 1,400 crores turnover while aspiring for further 30 per cent increase within the next two years.

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