FU introduces the FashionUnited 100 Index

Wednesday, 14 July 2010
altThey may not be among the select few companies that determine which way the Indian Sensex or Nifty moves on any given day of trading. Yet, these top apparel and clothing companies do attract numerous buyers who track their daily movements. In fact, many who follow the fashion industry closely are also keen to know just what is the performance of the fashion industry compared to other industries globally?

From this altmonth onwards one can do just that through the FashionUnited 100 Index real-time indice. On the lines of Dow Jones, FTSE, Nikkei or our very own Sensex and Nifty, the FashionUnited 100 index is a capitalization-weighted index of some of the world’s largest listed apparel companies. The Index does not necessarily show the world’s largest apparel companies, but the largest stock listed companies in various countries are represented in the index with their own weighting based on market capitalization. The weighting is calculated every June 30th of a year.

Some of the top fashion companies worldwide have been listed here. It has names like the Benetton Group, the Burberry Group, Fossil, Bulgari, Esprit Holdings, French Connection, the list is long. Some Indian companies like Provogue India and Bombay Rayon Fashion Limited too are listed here.

It may be noted, that the index also shows the top 100 stock listed apparel companies values based on market capitalization on a daily basis. Since most companies are active all over the world, the index is a good indication of how the apparel industry is doing.

What’s more, the index will also add the annual reports of the company, indexing their turnover and profits indicating their performance and generating average indicators. This will make an interesting benchmark tool for other companies in the fashion industry. The index will be shown per region to see the possible trend difference.

In the near future, cotton, wool and yarn prices will be added to the management dashboard for apparel executives. Also on the anvil is the listing of top100 non stock listed companies, which will be made using various segment factors and formula's from the stock listed index.The complete index is published on the FashionUnited network and is free for FashionUnited members.

Click here for the index.

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