Indus League's Goals: Rs 1,000 cr in two to three years

Friday, 01 July 2011
Indus League's Goals: Rs 1,000 cr in two to three yearsIndus League makers of apparel brands Indigo Nation, Scullers, Jealous 21, Urbana, Daniel Hechter, Urban Yoga and John Miller is aiming for an overall business growth of 30-35 per cent. This is a combination of both same store growth and inorganic growth through expansion of retail footprint. This, despite the fact that business in spring/summer has not been much to write home about with lower than expected returns. “This is mainly because of a large increase in prices that we had to partially pass on to customers, leading to a 10-15 per cent increase in sale prices. The increase was due to increasing cotton prices and the unexpected imposition of excise duty. Although we have seen a value increase, we have been a little lower than expected in our volume growths especially in our men’s formalwear brands. However, women’s wear brands: Jealous 21 and Scullers have both shown good growth in both volume and value,” informs Rachna Aggarwal, CEO, Indus League Clothing.

Indus League's Goals: Rs 1,000 cr in two to three yearsThe company has an interesting brand portfolio consisting of brands that are formal and casual targeted at men and women, both young and old, selling at premium and value price points. For example, Indigo Nation launched in 1999 is positioned as a brand for men under 30 it has slew of innovative product ideas like Music shirt, Reversible shirt, Biker shirt et al. Scullers also launched in 1999 is a brand of smart-casuals. The women’s wear line was launched in 2003 as India’s first brand of western women’s wear. Scullers Premium league was launched in early 2010 is known for its relaxed, washed clothes. Urbana, is a brand of “Techno-formals” for the executives, it is today amongst the best-crafted garments in the country with value-added finishes. Urban Yoga is a brand of spiritual fitness wear and has a loyal customer base. Jealous 21 acquired in 2005 revolutionized jeans wear for women with the launch of three hip sizes for every waist size, promising the best fitting jeans. John Miller licensed from Future Group in 2007 is the largest menswear brand in the group focusing on executive formalwear. Privilege club is a value brand sold exclusively at Big Bazaar. Daniel Hechter licensed in 2008 is French lifestyle brand launched in summer of 2009 in premium men’s lifestyle space and is currently available in about 50 retail points.

With so many offerings they are now looking at major expansion plans “We are looking at aggressive growth in our suits and jackets segment as well as winter wear category. Accessories across brands will also be added. Some of the menswear brands that were shirt and trouser focused are also seeing larger offerings of products like T-shirts, shorts and denim,” she says.

They launched a new retail concept Headquarters (HQ) in 2010. The aim was to help men in putting together their work wardrobe from the interview shirt to boardroom shirt. “We have successfully opened 10 HQ stores till now and expect to have a HQ store in every state capital in the next two years,” informs Aggarwal. “As of now the ratio of our stores between big and small towns is 70:30 but in the next two years it will reverse to 40:60 due to higher growth of our stores in smaller towns as well as LFS entering smaller towns,” she says. Present pan-India with 100 EBO and over 1,200 shop-in-shops in LFS and 300 MBOs, the company is targeting turnovers of Rs 1,000 crores in 2-3 years.