Live-in: IPO, PE funds, retail expansion the way to go

Monday, 30 April 2012
Live-in: IPO, PE funds, retail expansion the way to goIn the last five years, Live-in brand has exponentially grown by around 400 per cent both in volume and value terms. With the aim of maintaining similar growth rates in the coming years, the company is now looking at Rs 150 crores revenue this fiscal. Federal Brands the promoters of the brand aims to achieve this growth through retail expansion, by adding more MBOs in Tier II, III cities. As Tirtha Bhowmick, National Sales Manager, Federal Brands (Live-in) explains, “Apart from expanding our pan-India retail network, DTR (Direct to Retail) is a new distribution channel developed by us through which we directly do business with certain MBOs all across the country.”

ClubLive-in: IPO, PE funds, retail expansion the way to go Live-in is another concept developed by the company for those loyal MBOs who do sizeable business with them. “This initiative helps us bond with MBOs across geographies throughout the year. Through this we can gratify them at the end of their commitments which provides a win-win situation for both.” Meanwhile Bhowmick says new product ranges like sportswear are being introduced, which will give them volume growth in the coming years. Moreover their newly launched online store would also contribute to growth in terms of volumes as majority of customers these days prefer online shopping. “We would like to nurture all these channels in a way which would lead us to achieve our targets,” Bhowmick adds. The company is also seriously contemplating floating an IPO apart from looking to PE funding for it believes this is a stepping stone for a brand’s growth.

Live-in was introduced in June 1998 focused on the needs of young fashionable Indian male who love to fancy themselves in a pair of jeans. Explains Bhowmick, “Live-in was introduced with the famous ‘Washing Machine’ campaign featuring Bollywood actor Dino Morea coming out of a washing machine wearing a pair of jeans. This campaign created a buzz and a huge brand recall.”

Today, with major product up-gradation, Live-in has been repositioned itself as a semi premium brand that is also at the cutting edge of fashion. It’s new range of fashion denims meet the aspirations of the smart and trendy generation. Not only has Live-in focused on redesigning its entire product range, it has also fully refurbished its total brand appeal, starting with creating a vibrant new logo that reflects the contemporary attitude of modern youth, along with designer tags and accessories.

As a result, Live-in today enjoys presence through a network of over 3,500 MBOs across the country, making it one of the most dominant brands in the MBO network. It is also available in the Middle Eastern countries like Oman, Dubai, Bahrain and Riyadh. “Our mission is to stride forward in becoming the true leader in jeans and semi-formal wear in the country by providing innovation to our styles/products and through long term customer satisfaction. Currently Live-in has 8 per cent share of the overall branded apparel category and 22 per cent in branded male jeans and semi-formal trouser category,” says Bhowmick.