Arvind’s Labour Woes: More workers join strike

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The labourers’ strike at the textile conglomerate Arvind’s
Naroda plant is increasingly impacting the company’s production. On Monday, over 600 workers from Ankur Textiles, a division of Arvind which manufactures voiles joined the 3,500 workers already on strike. While the Ahmedabad Textile Mills Association is in talks with the Textile Labour Association on behalf of Arvind, the company is hiring contract workers and considering renting a denim mill for five years in Bangladesh, to smoothen the pressure.

The Naroda plant primarily makes denim fabrics and has an annual capacity of 84 million metres. But due to the workers’ strike it is currently running at a lower capacity and the company is increasing the number of contract workers to bring the production back to normal. The Ankur Textile manufactures 36 million metres of voiles and other fabrics of which 90 per cent of unprocessed fabrics are outsourced.

Arvind in a statement has said that the company has intensified recruitment process and is hopeful that it will be able to increase production further within next week. “The company has terminated the services of few workers as the positions have been filled up by fresh workers. The company will continue to terminate the services of more workers as fresh recruitment’s are made,” it added. It further said that some of the machines are being relocated to another location from the affected location. The company also announced outsourcing denim production to Bangladesh.

On the other hand, the company is also making sure that the current orders from international clients don’t get affected and the dialogue with investors and stakeholders is maintained to convince them that the things would soon come back on track.

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