Fashion weeks promote clothes over accessories rue designers

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Keeping clothes as the focus of the Wills Fashion Week, which organiser FDCI feels is in line with the rules of the B2B event has left accessory designers hurt. According to these designers, who participated during the WIFW, while Indian consumers are not much interested in spending on accessories, compared to apparel, they also felt that they need better positioning and shows during such events.

These designers feel that consumers give preference to buying what the other person already has, rather than going for exclusivity, design and better product value. For instance, accessory designers feel that Indian woman’s mindset has not changed with times. They would spend lakhs on a sari but would not go for a matching designer bag to complete the ensemble. Instead, they run behind global labels like everyone else does and everyone ends up owning similar bag. On the other hand, though their bags are less priced compared to the high-end labels, yet sales are low or even nil because people will first buy their clothes. However, jewellery designers don’t agree, because according to them a piece of jewellery is much more expensive than a designer clothing and people do buy jewellery considering it as an investment.

While some don’t see value in spending a lakh to book a space at the WIFW to showcase designs since they could not get the expected recognition, others demand exclusive accessories shows during fashion weeks to fulfil this purpose.

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