FashionUnited hits 100.000 Twitter followers

Thursday, 05 July 2012

A big THANK YOU to our Twitter followers!

Today FashionUnited reached the milestone of 100.000 followers on Twitter. This number is the total of all the local FashionUnited Twitter accounts together. Especially over the last six months the number of followers rapidly increased from 30.000 at the end of 2011 to over 100.000 today. This tremendous growth has come hand in hand with the overall growth of FashionUnited as one of the leading B2B fashion platforms; welcoming over FashionUnited over 1.4 million visitors per month.

Twitter is an interesting medium allowing fashion news content to be spread and shared immediately with dedicated followers. Furthermore, it is remarkable that only within 6 months FashionUnited gained 70.000 new Twitter followers where it took 10 years to get 220.000 newsletter subscribers. Looking at the current trend, it will only take 12 months from now until the FashionUnited Twitter followers will outnumber the number of newsletter subscribers.

Again, thank you for following us and if you are not already following us on Twitter then start following your local account today!

Follow the Indian feed on!/FashionUnitedIN.

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