Fastrack’s online promotion takes-off

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fastrack, Titan’s brand targeted at the youth, has kicked off an online activity titled ‘Don’t Stare at my T_ _ S’ to promote its new range of watches. The campaign is created to launch the new range priced affordably at Rs 650. The idea behind choosing the online medium was to create a connect with its target customers, who love to be mobile all the time. The paid campaign, executed by Fastrack’s digital agency 22feet, uses a unique way to measure engagement called ‘seconds stared’, it’s the duration for which the site stays open on a browser. It has now entered into the 3rd week and has got great response with almost 30 million seconds stared already.

The campaign was first launched with a masthead on Youtube and received more traffic on their website than they had in the previous six years. Fastrack’s past campaigns too were loud and rebellious, such as ‘How many you have’, ‘Move On’, and ‘Sweet No More’. From offline campaigns started online offshoots such as ‘Why the World Moved On’.

The content created around this campaign is also becoming popular across Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there is a dedicated mobile site, where the new campaign can be accessed. The company’s focus while creating campaigns has always been creativity with technology and this year, it plans to give a lot more emphasis on the mobile space.

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