Innovation and positive forecasts to spoil apparel sector

Tuesday, 03 August 2010

Yesterdays Index was 1098.47, after rising by 50.82 points from Monday´s closure at 1047.65. This seems to be a promising start of the week, and together with the last banks and financial firms’ forecasts on the apparel market, might be the turning point for the retailer sector.

The majority of companies listed in the FashionUnited Top Ten 100 Index were offering good but shy increases. However, this humble behavior is a good companion for the innovative ways that main fashion labels are taking to boost their figures, according to diverse analysis houses based in the United States and the UK.

The outstanding performances were portrayed once more by the habitual peers in the last weeks: Japanese United Arrows as 22 points up, followed by its compatriot Asics Corporations, taking 16 points to its credit, and Sanei International, which closed with 11 extra points comparing to its previous day.

Ted Baker, IC Companys and JD Sports Fashion neither disappointed their stakeholders as they offered them rises of 3.4, 3 and 2.82 points each one. On its own, shares of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation were trading lower by -1.52% ahead of its quarterly earnings release, scheduled for today.

Recently, most emerging and expanding retailers sold necessity products or were value oriented, unveiled various malls and shopping centers owners. For example, some retailers have succeeded by going after parents’ wallets with concepts aimed at preschoolers and teens. Among these is the new Crazy 8 chain from the Gymboree Corp. and P.S. from Aeropostale from Aeropostale Inc., which registered a hike of 0.14% yesterday. Things aren´t that bright for Gymboree, as it lost 1.31% at the closure of markets.

Following the innovation path, Gap just announced it will open a new creative design office in Los Angeles – a first for Gap, introduce a new fall collection of jeans 'with attitude' and launch an immersive digital hub on jeans curated by designers, fashion experts and musicians, under the level of Original Jeans 1969. A 0.76% up was the reward for the creative flair of the ubiquitous American brand.

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