Louis Philippe introduces footwear

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Louis Philippe has forayed into the footwear segment. Known as India’s leading super-premium

men’s apparel brand, Louis Philippe has taken its first step in the footwear segment.  It has come up with three categories namely Classic, Dress and Relaxed priced between Rs 2,999 and Rs 4,999.  They are available in more than 40 designs. The footwear collection will be made available in 30 select exclusive Louis Philippe stores across the country in the first phase of its launch.

It has been manufactured with Italian know-how. Pure leather has been used for both the outer body and the inner lining. The soles are soft and light, some of them constructed with the lightest wood and Masonite. Leather boards have been introduced in the front and back of the shoe to help retain its elegant shape for a long time. Twin material leather helps the sole to breathe and thereby retain freshness for the feet at all times.

In order to provide longevity, technical sole construction has been used. Full Cushioning System provides additional comfort. An advanced Automatic Replenishment System has been implemented so that any shoe can be replenished for the consumer within 24 hours anywhere in the country. Louis Philippe is the leader in stylish formal, official and semi-formal occasion wear. The brand’s Franco-Italian lineage combined with its focus on contemporary international fashion, gives it an indisputable premium and exclusive image.