LVMH's diwali lights up worldwide

Tuesday, 09 November 2010

Louis Vuitton, the numero uno luxury brand paid a unique homage to India with its first ever Diwali theme adorning shop windows worldwide. This is a major shift for the luxury brand, as till date only dresses up its shop windows with the Christmas and New Year theme. This is an indication that India and Indian consumers worldwide are on the brand’s radar. LV commissioned internationally respected art curator Rajeev Sethi to design the Diwali theme for its windows across its retail outlets across the world.

According to Tikka Shatrujit Singh, Advisor, LV, India it’s first ever for LV to commission special theme show windows for a celebration besides Christmas and New Year. Diwali, India’s biggest festival has been the theme for LV stores across the world starting November. From Buenos Aires to Beijing, Paris to Prague and Delhi to Dubai, the LV store windows are celebrating the Indian festival of lights.

Vuitton’s engagement with India and participation in its biggest festival, Diwali, doesn’t end just with Diwali themed store windows. LV’s Creative Director, Marc Jacobs has designed special edition LV saris for the occasion. Tikka says the Louis Vuitton saris are unbelievable, according to him Yves Carcelle, the CEO of LV Worldwide is a great admirer of the sari.

The French luxury brand’s ties to India stretch back almost a century. Vuitton teamed with Indian artist Rajeev Sethi to conceive the windows, which feature hand-painted paper trunks glowing from within. Special products include limited edition dresses made of vintage sari fabrics.

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