M&M’s green revolution kicks off

Thursday, 19 July 2012

M&M has kicked off its green revolution sale recently. A unique initiative being undertaken by the store since last five years provides customers with saplings spread awareness about planting trees to save the planet and restore natural balance.

While shopping at the M&M stores, it also urges customers to join its campaign against global warming. With every purchase, one gets a sapling free, which could help in the long run in making a difference to the society.

“As part of our corporate social responsibility, we at M&M consciously make an effort to do our bit towards this cause to the best of our ability. Time and again we organize various events that spread awareness and encourage our customers to be environment friendly,” comments Dinesh M A, Managing Director, M&M Stores while talking about the initiative.

Even in the past, M&M has taken several initiatives and supported causes which are worthy and needed in today’s day and hour. Earlier, M&M Store had started the ‘Save Water – Save Life’ campaign to educate people about importance of water in our daily lives. M&M is also first among few initiators to celebrate ‘the Earth Hour’ in Andhra Pradesh and urges people to use eco-friendly Ganesh idols during Ganesh festival. In order to save paper, the store is also going with an e-brochure stating the dos & don’ts of how to save the earth.

The M&M Group started its retail journey with a small textile retail store in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in 1985, and eventually evolved and expanded into a large group. The group has the retail formats Manhar, M&M and Maanya under its umbrella. The group is present in six major cities of Andhra Pradesh, having one store in Maharashtra.