Shoppers Stop hires fashion consultants

Friday, 10 September 2010

Luxury product buyers don’t require sales staff, but shopping consultants. Acting on this assumption Shoppers Stop has hired around 150 fashion consultants to assist its high-end customers in shopping for luxury products in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. This is the pilot project for the country’s second largest, publicly-listed retailer, which will later on roll out the project across the country. The consultants, hired from various fashion schools, will assist high-end consumers in choosing the right clothing, accessories and colors in keeping with their personality.

Since the target customers are already aware about the brands they are buying, the retailer feels, they require more people who can guide them in shopping suited to their personality. This is part of the plan to connect with its consumers in a more personalized way. The two-decade-old retailer is also accelerating expansions in smaller towns and cities.

Meanwhile Shoppers Stop has deployed Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition as part of its enterprise data warehouse to enhance its performance capabilities. With the new software, Shoppers Stop is able to reduce the time taken to refresh data to its data warehouse from half a day to one hour, which ensures managers receive timely sales, inventory and loyalty data. In addition, they are able to better analyze which products are selling through its 30 stores in 13 cities, and also analyze customer-buying behavior so they can maintain optimum inventory levels.

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