Tahiliani shifts attention to menswear

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

After spending years and creating a niche in designing women’s wear, ace designer Tarun Tahiliani has now turned his focus on menswear. He feels that while creating designs for men, he has to follow only one rule: “Would I wear it?” While creating designs for women, there are thousands of things, one has to look into. Unlike, women’s wear, men’s clothing lack vibrant color combinations and he points otu. Understanding how men like to dress he feels, they prefer a black kurta to a yellow one for blacks, blues and greys make them look slimmer.

But what inspired him to suddenly shift attention to menswear is the dearth of good designers in the category. There are very few designers like Wendell Rodericks doing cotemporary menswear, which is a fusion of western and traditional wear. Most designers are not using Indian fabrics well to create designs suiting today’s generation. And that’s the space he wishes to explore. Tahiliani believes India follows the West blindly and it’s time we had our own fashion identity. And for that Indian designers have to explore their roots, the rich Indian culture and the exclusive Indian fabrics.

According to him, Indian designer are lagging behind the Western world. They still have to understand the importance of proper cutting and tailoring of the fabric based on an individual’s personality. There can’t be one piece fitting all. Same goes for branding of designs. It has to be subtle, people who don’t understand fashion, flaunt designs but it’s the designers’ job to make them understand.