Juelle women’s wear eyeing the Middle East market

Monday, 11 April 2011
Juelle women’s wear eyeing the Middle East marketManufactured by Turbo Retail, a Ludhiana based firm, Juelle a women’s brand of jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts has launched its spring summer 2011 collection. It comprises of contemporary chic and, feminine designs in a wide variety of fabrics. A vibrant color palette emphasizes higher presence of bold tones of shocking Pink, Atlantic deep, grape wine, blue radiance and capri breeze. The collection comprises of basic T-shirts, sports casual tees, evening party wear tops, printed floral patterned dresses, long tunics complimented with wooden and metallic neck chains, broad belts, neck scarves, bracelets and brooches. The products are available in around 650 MBOs across India.

Juelle women’s wear eyeing the Middle East marketGuneet Singh, Director, Turbo Retail says, “For summer we have a vast range of T-shirts from the basic cotton to viscose and viscose-Lycra blends. We are also using good T-shirt blends this summer. We have a range of tunics and woven tops. Though that segment is small, around 15 to 20 per cent that enriches our casual range.” Singh is confident of the new collection striking the right note with among Indian women. Talking about the pricing structure for the two main seasons this year, he explains, “The summer price range starts from Rs 295 for a basic T-shirt with good prints on the front. The viscose and lycra tops go up to Rs 895 and Rs 995. Summer MRP ends at Rs 995 and winter MRP starts at Rs 645 and sweaters finish at Rs 1,995. Jacket coats go up to Rs 3500”. Singh is sure that this is the right price range that would be acceptable to consumers.

The brand also has its winter collection in place for the forthcoming cold season. For winter 2011, Juelle has two or three new products. Earlier casual sweaters were in acrylic-wool or normal wool blends but this year, new blends will be introduced with polyamide and nylon blends with wool as well as a blend of 5 per cent cashmere with wool and Lycra. As Singh says, “These blends will give a soft feel to the woolen garment. Although they are a little expensive, we expect a good response. Plus for winter, we are concentrating on prints, sweaters, woolen fabrics and printed sweat shirts.”

Juelle has a team of talented designers backed by R&D support. Japneet Singh, Creative Director at Turbo Retail avers, “We have categorized those designers. One is looking after jackets, one is looking after sweaters, one is heading the sweat shirts and casual T-shirts range. All three are independent in their areas. They have assistants to design for them.” Talking about the complexities of women’s wear, Japneet says, “A women’s wear brand has to keep running. We can’t stick to basics or regular stuff. Women are always looking for something new. Every 15 days we give new concepts, new designs, and about 10 styles.” Juelle seems had a good run in 2010. According to Japneet, “Now sampling and R&D for winter 2011 is going on.” Firmly entrenched across India with its 650 MBOs the brand is now setting its eyes on the cash rich Gulf markets like the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Turbo already exports menswear and children’s wear to these markets and therefore, Juelle is ready to leverage these channels soon.