Yoga in style the Woodland way

Thursday, 24 June 2010
altWoodland, the well-known adventure brand has come up with a new yoga collection. The multi-purpose collection is geared to cater to a range of activities like yoga, running/walking, dancing, gym training, rock climbing etc. It has been created using mostly high impact fabrics which are super light and extremely comfortable. As Amol Dhillon, Vice President of strategic planning at Woodland explains, “The yoga market is estimated at more than Rs 500 crores currently, and is expected to increase rapidly with more awareness, organized international events and yoga summits, social networking etc.”

alt For the new collection, the brand has used both high-impact and low-impact fabrics. The high-impact fabrics are moisture wicking as they pull moisture away from your skin, spreading it evenly throughout the fabric so it evaporates faster, helping the fabric to dry quickly. This helps one in staying cool during running, yoga et al. The low-impact fabrics have great choices for those who prefer natural breathable cotton next to their skin while working out. The collection uses organic cotton with lycra content to give an extremely soft feel, very stretchy and is pre-shrunk for a perfect fit.

Before launching the collection globally, Woodland Worldwide’s Research and development team had tested the products with the help of international yoga instructors and faculties. The dry quick tech, stretch fabrics and different fits for various activities have been scientifically tested before launching them. In fact, a few key stores in Delhi have been doing fit trials since 2009.  Dhillon adds, “Yoga is all about mind and body balance and getting inspired to explore oneself and getting better aligned with nature and outdoors. We believe this market is undeserved and are excited to create something to inspire people to be physically active. Proper postures and alignment is important for many types of yoga. This would mean that the clothes have to be designed and made accordingly.”

Woodland is planning to spread awareness about the collection by enrolling brand ambassadors. “We have already started a community of yoga ambassadors from all over the globe to inspire our customers. The brand ambassadors are people from all walks of life who lead a healthy balanced lifestyle and write blogs and features on woodland social media pages. We also plan to hold an international yoga summit in India,” he informs.

The yoga collection for women has hip styles. It has an assortment of tops, camis and tanks in cool fits and fresh colors. From shorts to capris to pants, Woodland collection of women's yoga bottom has beautiful fits for every body type. To maximize comfort Woodland Yoga apparel has been crafted from stretchy, antimicrobial Nylon/spandex fabric. Yoga apparel also has collection made with organic cotton content to keep one in sync with nature.

The accessories in the collection consist of head bands, yoga mats, bags in various colors and styles.

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